Bruce Washington

Bruce Washington

Splash ‘n Scrub Soap Shop, Anderson, SC

At the age of 8, I learned from my mother how items of nature can be used for skin care usage. As an adult I would make skin care products for personal use only. Slowly, but surely, the products were being shared with family and very close friends.

After realizing the freebies were costing me too much money, I told a close friend that I could no longer give away my goods because of the amount of money it takes to make them. He then said those magical words, “man that stuff is so good, I’ll buy it”. From that point, I began putting a plan together to form a business.

We closed down our restaurant and successfully created a skin care company using modern day science and home remedies.

Splash ‘n’ Scrub Soap Shop is a home-based business located in the upstate of South Carolina. We sell to the general public, store owners and partner with non-profits.