Catherine Williamson

Catherine Williamson

Catherine’s Colors, Manchester, GA

Hello, I’m glad you are interested in finding out about me. Music, writing, ministry and painting are among some of the things that come naturally to me.

Originally, I went to school to be an educator and taught school for several years while becoming a parent and dabbling in art. My first artistic endeavor with paint was with watercolors and like many Creatives, I veered off into other art forms:

Abstract Acrylics, Mixed Media Girls & Sayings and Fabric Design.

My painting is intuitive, rather than predetermined. This means the finished painting is a surprise even to me! It is especially fun to watch my “Girls” come alive. Their personalities come as a mixture of the many people I’ve known, loved or admired through the years. Maybe you will be an inspiration for one of my future girls!

My great desire is that my art will find a new home and bring some level of joy, wonder or excitement into your life; and that I will make new connections with others as I continue to connect with the God who created me.

I am thankful every day for this artistic life.