Imagine That! Creations, LLC

John Wayne Jackson
Black Mountain, NC

Working from his garden studio, Scottsdale artist John Wayne Jackson has turned his passion for gardening toward creating contemporary fossils. Reminiscent of fossilized images in stone, his leaf art is unique and instantly recognizable for the richness of color and texture he creates. Each piece is sculpted from the artist’s proprietary medium – OmegaStone – that incorporates powdered natural stone bonded with a blended polymer. Unable to find satisfactory materials to achieve the effects he was seeking, Jackson devoted eighteen months developing the sculpting media, dyes and stains used in creating these sculptures. A real leaf is placed on a bed of wet sand which supports the shape and supple curves. The medium is spread on the back of the leaf where it captures the intricate vein patterns. They are then dyed, stained and sealed. “Nature is my constant companion and truly the artist. By providing me with the plant materials needed, I can bring permanence to that which would otherwise wither and die. After completing each piece, I get an immediate rush of reverence and appreciation for the miracles of nature.” John’s previous career included international consulting in leadership, communications, innovation and team-building. The transition to professional artist was a big stretch. “I’ve learned to enjoy working alone now.having had people around me throughout my consulting career. In working alone, I’ve also learned to let my imagination run wild. I feel like the luckiest guy alive to have discovered two passions in one lifetime!” John lives in Black Mountain, North Carolina with his partner, inspiration and wife Paige.


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