2022 Festival in the Park

Family Fun Zone

Single tickets will be available for sale.  Rides vary in number of tickets needed.

Prices for tickets are:
$1.50 per ticket
5 tickets –   $5.00
10 tickets – $10.00
15 tickets – $15.00
20 tickets – $20.00

The “Family Fun Zone” surrounds the Freedom Park Locomotive.  The Younger Festival-goers can experience the thrill of riding their first Merry Go Round, rising over their friends on a Ferris Wheel, climbing through an inflatable Obstacle Course, Climbing Mt Everest in Myers Park, clanging the bell of a trackless train or challenging their parent on a dual slide.

The Festival continues to find ways to involve Charlotte area youth in wholesome activities that stimulates their senses.

The Family Fun Zone has been purposely located just outside of the main art exhibit area. It enables artists to show and demonstrate in a more tranquil setting while providing an active, fun place for the youth of Charlotte to test their merit.