2022 Festival in the Park

Other Entertainment

Children’s Art Area

Coordinated by The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art
Location: Family Fun Zone

Don’t miss the opportunity for your children to join in this old tradition of being an artist by creating a picture (some of you probably created pictures on these same easels!) Look for us near the Family Fun Zone.

All activities in the CAA are FREE, but a small donation to help replenish art supplies each year is much appreciated.

The Charlotte Area Foundation for Music and Art began in 2008 in response to the growing need of young art and music students for support and financial assistance.  Our mission is to build an enduring legacy of beautiful art and music in the greater Charlotte area through community involvement and by encouraging young and emerging artists and musicians with grants, scholarships, and performance and teaching opportunities as well donations of instruments and art supplies. We understand how great the financial needs can be for artists and strive to serve as many students as possible through our grants and scholarships.

Along with the individuals we serve, the Foundation partners with other community organizations who share our vision for the arts. We believe that together, the impact can be even greater. Over the last 10 years we have had the honor of working alongside The Charlotte Symphony, UNCC, Wingate University, Musical Minds, Project Harmony, Freedom School Partners, and Communities In Schools in order to give children greater access to art and music education.

In 2017 the Foundation launched its first art and music summer camp, Brush Strokes and Music Notes! For one week each summer, we provide children with exceptional art and music education. Our camp was established on the model of a self-supporting program.  We are honored to provide over one-third of our students with full scholarships to attend our camps, thanks to generous donations.  After our second year, we witnessed the impact this concentration of art and music education had on children and wanted to extend our walls to share it with others. In 2018 we began working with Freedom School Partners to bring a half-day of Brush Strokes and Music Notes to their locations during the summer.  All of our wonderful programs are made possible through the generous support of volunteers who freely give of their time and our donors who offer financial support for the arts. We are so thankful for their continued and ongoing generosity.

For more information about the Foundation or to donate today, please visit our website at www.charlotteareafoundation.org.


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CAROLINA CLOWNS INC. proudly celebrates 60+ years of service in 2019 to Charlotte and surrounding communities.

In 1957, Earl Crawford Sr., Executive Secretary to the Carrousel Parade, approached Jack Pentes, a Charlotte artist and designer, looking for individuals who wanted to participate in the Carrousel Parade as clowns. Jack, who had been appearing as “Bobo” the clown on “Big Bill’s Club House” on WBTV, and several others he recruited marched in that year’s parade. From that group, CAROLINA CLOWNS was formed and Jack Pentes was elected the first president. Today 25 men and women continue that tradition, giving of their time and talent to bring joy and laughter to our churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and community functions. The membership ranges in age from the early twenties to the late eighties (you must be 18 to join) and come from diverse backgrounds including nurses, teachers, homemakers, and social workers. Each of our members share the mutual feeling of concern and desire to make others happy.

The organization is a charitable, nonsectarian, nonprofit group of volunteers coming together to put on grease paint, red noses, funny shoes and costumes and to unselfishly give of themselves. All four clown types are represented in the organization: Auguste, White Face, Character, and Hobo. Each clown develops his or her own character, costume, and make-up and is responsible for his or her own expenses, including travel to and from appearances. Individual clowns often attend educational seminars to learn how to create balloon animals, perform magic, face paint, and learn new skits.

You can spot CAROLINA CLOWNS around town at Festival in the Park, The Carrousel Parade, WBTV Blood Give-In, fundraisers for MS, MD, the March of Dimes, and at other local parades and community events in the Charlotte and surrounding area.

CAROLINA CLOWNS INC. gladly accepts tax-deductible donations to the organization to help defray expenses of postage, telephone service, printing of brochures (which are given out free of charge), insurance fees, costs of sound equipment, etc.

It is making a difference that has brought individuals together to continue the art of clowning through THE CAROLINA CLOWNS. All the members volunteer their own time solely for the purpose of sharing happiness, smiles, and laughter. Through this giving, the CAROLINA CLOWNS has touched many lives and that is what the organization is all about.