James Richmond

James Richmond

Richmond Photography, LLC, Titusville, FL

I spent much of my life in the Florida Keys, and the idea of color the concept of a happy island life has shaped the feel of my images. A slow, quiet revelation told me God is in all things good. As a photographer, one of my goals is to turn chaos into order and sometimes order into chaos. Ultimately, my hope is to create a sense of peace, joy, fun, and thought, extracted from those things that were and are good in my life. For that reason, I have always wanted a picture of GOD for He is peace, joy and contemplation and all things good.

Born in Miami, Florida, I became interested in photography as a child after flipping through National Geographic magazines I would find here and there. Growing up on the water I naturally gravitated to this subject matter. I am self-taught and for the last 20 years I have been involved in art shows at a full-time level. When your livelihood is dependent on the art business you tend to hone your skills a little more seriously.

All of my images begin as a photograph some do not end up as such. I use any and all tools available to convey my vision including, of course, a camera, but also imagination, paints, and computer technology to create my preconceived vision for my image. I then print my own images with archival inks to a canvas substrate, then stretch and spray several coats of a UV protection.

Some of the shows I have participated in over the past several years are the Plaza Art Fair, St. Louis Art Fair, Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Columbus Festival of Art, Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, Bethesda Fine Arts Festival, Disney Festival of the Masters, Winter Park Art Show, Summerfair, Krasl Art Fair, and Ann Arbor.

I have been a poster artist for Ann Arbor, ArtiGras, Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff, Street Art Fair, Sebastian Riverfront, and Lubeznik Center for the Arts.