Jessica Sharago

Jessica Sharago

The Gift of Lakshmi, Asheville, NC

Hello! My name is Jessica Lakshmi and I am the Creator of, The Gift of Lakshmi ~ Botanical Treasures.

I create Anointment Oils / Botanical Perfume / Aromatherapy Blends.

Creations of Love, just for You~

Each bottle is infused with magical plant elements such as essential oils, flower essence, crystals, flowers, and intention.

Only organic, all natural materials are included in these offerings.
Truly high-frequency, plant medicine.

I am a lover of Divine Beauty.
All that is earthly, other-worldly, emotive, growing, stretching, learning in the all-encompassing, Love.
Beauty is nature. Beauty is health. It is Truth.
It is Alignment with The Divine.

I aim to create a piece of Divine Beauty with each of my blends.