2021 Kings Drive Art Walk

Artist Application

11th Annual “Kings Drive Art Walk”
Saturday, October 30, 2021 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, October 31, 2021 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

“Kings Drive Art Walk” is located on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway at 600 South Kings Drive, (at the corner of East Morehead St.), Charlotte, NC 28203


Kings Drive Art Walk Application and Rules & Regulations
Deadline is September 27, 2021 (postmarked).
Artist acceptance and rejection notifications will be mailed October 4, 2021 or before.

(Bios will ONLY need to be completed once you have been accepted)
Click here to complete your bio after you have been accepted. 


Since the fall of 1964, Festival in the Park has brought Charlotteans from all walks of life together to enjoy arts, crafts, music and family entertainment. With the mission of bringing the community together by celebrating the arts, the Festival Board is excited to broaden its reach and to announce a spring fine arts event, the Kings Drive Art Walk.

We invite you to participate in our spring event which will be held along the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. This reclaimed natural waterway between East Morehead Street and Pearle Street Bridge along Kings Drive is a work of art itself boasting beautiful arbors, spring gardens, a spectacular fountain and plentiful terraces. The greenway is also bordered by many favorite local restaurants and boutiques. With a focus on fine and emerging artists, this spring festival is sure to become another beloved annual fine arts outing for the entire family!

The KDAW festival is located on the King’s Drive section of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, a beautiful public space that is open to all in the community.


Exhibit spaces are awarded based on the quality and variety of the exhibitor pool. Qualified previous exhibitors of Kings Drive Art Walk are valued. Any exhibitor who commits to demonstrate their medium on a full-time basis will receive preferred location. Please specify needs for successfully demonstrating.

All work to be exhibited must be original and attributable solely to the display artist. (Participating Art Galleries are the only exception). The Event takes no commission for any art sales.

The Event’s Exhibitor Committee will screen each artist/exhibitor during the Event, and if the work exhibited does not comply with the rules and regulations or the photographs submitted, the artist/exhibitors would be required to leave the Event. Judgment of the Committee in this matter will be final, and no refunds will be given.


  • Tent location assignment (all locations are assigned at the Event’s discretion).
  • One 110 electrical outlet per tent. (Additional fee for electricity is $40.) Each outlet will pull a maximum of four (4) 100-watt spots. NO MORE than four (4) 100-watt spots are allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Vendors will be required to lower wattage if not in compliance.
  • All booth locations are easily accessible for set-up/tear down.
  • Exhibitor parking.
  • 24-hour security.


  • Tent
  • Display equipment for setup of exhibit tents.
  • Tables or chairs.
  • Electrical equipment (including drop cords, light bulbs, fixtures, etc.)


  • Awarded spaces are nontransferable. No one will be allowed to exhibit without first having juried into the Event and having paid the exhibition fee to the Event. Shared spaces are not permitted and each exhibitor must jury separately. Displays must fit into designated spaces without infringing upon neighboring spaces.
  • The opportunity to meet the artist and discuss their work in an informal setting attracts many visitors and increases sales. Artist should demonstrate their craft sometime during Event hours for the benefit of those who attend unless prior approval has been secured in writing from the Director.
  • Exhibitors must participate for the entire two days of the Event. A signed application is a commitment to show. No refunds will be made 30 days prior to the Event.
  • Each exhibitor must realize this is an outdoor show; there is no level ground as in mall shows and weather can be uncooperative. There will be no refunds due to inclement weather.
  • The Event insists all exhibits must be in keeping with good taste. The Director of the Event shall have the sole discretion to require the removal of any work, which he or she determines violates the Event’s rules. Exhibitors shall not display or offer for sale any adulterated, misbranded or impure articles.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining and leaving their assigned areas free of refuse, and in otherwise good condition. Park litter laws prohibit promotional material from being distributed unless approval is obtained in writing from the Director of the Event.
  • Only the Event is permitted to sell T-shirts, sweat shirts, balloons and caps bearing the Event logo. Any other similar item sold/given away by any other organization during the Event may be confiscated.
  • Although the Festival in the Park is a Charitable Organization [Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3)], the exhibit fees for the Event are not charitable deductions. However, exhibit fees may qualify as tax-deductible business expenses. Please consult your tax advisor.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for the collection of North Carolina and County of Mecklenburg sales tax (7.25%) and payment thereof to the NC Department of Revenue. (Contact: Registration Info, 704-519-3000 ext #2) The Festival in the Park is not acting as an agent and will not be responsible for the collection or payment of any sales tax. There is no commission charge for any art sales at the Event.
  • The Event will not be responsible in any way (i) for any theft or damage to the exhibit or equipment or any other property belonging to Vendor or Vendor’s employees who are participating in the Event nor (ii) for any theft or other loss of Vendor’s proceeds or receipts from his/her/its participation in the Event. Since there is no way to insure the property of individuals attending or participating in the Event, either as an exhibitor, an artist displaying artwork or photography on a panel board, or a person or group of persons performing on the stage, each individual must be entirely responsible for his/her own equipment, artwork, crafts, or the like, proceeds, receipts, or any other property of any kind whatsoever, and should plan accordingly, in order to prevent any theft or mysterious disappearance of any of same during the Event.
  • Registration will begin on Saturday (first day of the Event) from 6:30am to 9:00am. No one will be allowed to check in after 9:00am. You will have till 11:00a.m. to set up before the show opens. There will be early registration on the Friday before (only display set up, as no security available on Friday).
  • All vehicles must be removed from the exhibit area by 9:00am on each day of the Event. No parking will be allowed on grassy areas and all vehicles will need to be removed from the street as soon as unloaded.
  • On Sunday closing, vehicles will be allowed in the Park upon the announcement from security. This is for your safety and safety of your patrons.
  • Failure to abide by the rules and regulations set forth herein may be grounds for removal from the Event. No refund shall be provided for such removal.
  • Each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Event for any damage, cost or liability caused by an act or omission of exhibitor during or related to the Event.
  • The Fire Marshall requires that each tent be secured at each corner with a minimum of 40 pound weights. Applicant shall ensure that tents are properly roped, braced, anchored and secured in a manner to ensure stability in light of weather conditions. Tents must also include a certificate certifying that tents are fire retardant or must have sewn-in labels indicating the same. Applicant shall be responsible for all damage caused by any tent, including personal injury or death or property damage, whether from a tent that collapses, blows away or is otherwise not secure or in some way unsafe.