Walter Arnold

Walter Arnold

Walter Arnold Photography, Hendersonville, NC

Walter Arnold is a self taught fine art photographer born in Tallahassee, Florida in 1981. Walter grew up in a creative and artistic family and spent most of his childhood in Elmira, New York. After living for years in Florida he settled in Hendersonville, North Carolina and now calls the mountains home.

After picking up his first digital SLR camera in 2006, Walter used the beauty of Western North Carolina to help train his creative eye, and hone his photographic skills. In 2009, he stumbled on an abandoned airplane graveyard in St. Augustine, Florida. Shooting the abandoned planes, he discovered his passion for abandonment photography. Since then he has focused on developing his own personal style of photography that he calls “The Art of Abandonment”.

Walter’s vision draws him to capture unusual and artistic scenes in places that others often pass by. He employs an artistic technique called High Dynamic Range photography with many of his images. By capturing multiple exposures ranging from dark to bright, his technique allows him to reveal a greater range of light and detail in a scene than could be captured with a single image. This, coupled with Walter’s creative interpretation of a scene, allows him to create non-traditional and sometimes surreal scenes that bring to life the forgotten locations that he explores.

Walter’s photography has received national and international recognition. Most notably, Hollywood movie director Ron Howard selected one of his images to inspire a short film When You Find Me. Howard chose the photograph out of almost 100,000 other entries to craft the setting of the movie. Walter has also worked with camera manufacturer Sigma, creating several images that have been used in their AD campaigns and published in over 25 international magazines.