Brett Beasley

Brett Beasley

Beasley Ceramics
Charlotte, NC

I make a lot of pots, and sometimes I make sculpture. There, that is an artist statement for you!” -Brett Beasley

If it’s not fun, why bother? In my opinion, there are too many people in the world who are grumpy, hate their jobs and complain about life. I have decided being a grouch is no way to live. Take everything one day at a time, enjoy the beauty, and have fun!

Beasley Ceramics is an extension of these ideals. Take a piece home with you to liven up your surroundings. Smile and think back to the day you purchased this piece. It was fun, right!?!?!

(Brett is a full time, self-employed ceramic artist creating pieces in his Charlotte, NC studio. He holds an MFA and BFA in the ceramic arts.)