Dee Blackburn

Dee Blackburn

Slowdance Art, Charlotte, NC

When I was young I spent hours painting with my aunt, side by side. As I grew up my teachers stepped into her role.
Then, in turn, I stepped into their role.

Today I’m an artist as well as a licensed architect who also has a Masters in Scene Design, and I love it all.

In all my work I’m fascinated with layering, and how it can both reveal and conceal what lies below the surface. Some layers are evident. Others are unseen and known only to me.

A couple of years ago I underwent radiation twice a day for many weeks. I was far from home, so each day I painted a postcard – abstract, full of lines and vivid colors, a kind of response to the treatment of the day – and I mailed them to friends and family.

As you can imagine, the treatments felt like an anchor weighing me down. But the postcards could literally fly away.

My new work is built on top of those postcard designs. The colors are softer and the paintings more whimsical.

There are hints of suns and moons. And there are buildings and boats – askew, fixed, tilting, traveling.