2021 Festival in the Park

Artist Application

2021 Artist Application

Festival in the Park Application and Rules & Regulations
Artist’s Walk application* deadline is August 16, 2021 (postmarked). Artist acceptance and rejection notifications will be mailed August 25, 2021.
Festival Lake Walk applications** August 16, 2021 (postmarked). Artist acceptance and rejection notifications will be mailed August 25, 2021.

(Bios will ONLY need to be completed once you have been accepted)
Click here to complete your bio after you have been accepted.


Since 1964, Festival in the Park has been bringing popular and eclectic music, arts and crafts, and family entertainment to Charlotteans and visitors from around the South. The sounds of singers, dancers, storytellers and more drift across Freedom Park while the lake reflects lights strung from Camelot exhibition tents. The smell of popcorn and festival-food fill the air as children with painted faces happily produce their first artwork. First time visitors are amazed by the variety of arts, crafts, and entertainment; old-timers marvel at the freshness combined with the tradition of each year’s offerings.

It’s family… it’s art… it’s free to the public.

We invite you to join the 57th Festival in the Park on Friday, September 24 through Sunday, September 26, 2021. The Festival takes place at Freedom Park in Charlotte, where arts, crafts, entertainment, and family fun bring the community together. We hope to see you there!


Exhibit spaces are awarded based on the quality and variety of the exhibitor pool. The Festival values qualified previous exhibitors. Any exhibitor who commits to demonstrate their medium on a full-time basis will receive preferred location. Please specify needs for successfully demonstrating.

All work to be exhibited must be original and attributable solely to the demonstrating craftsperson or display artist. At least 50% of artwork shown must be originals. Only original artwork will be eligible for awards (prints, posters or reproductions can be displayed for purchase, but will not be included in judging). Festival in the Park takes no commission for any art sales.

The Festival Exhibitor Committee will screen each artist/exhibitor during the Festival week, and if the work exhibited does not comply with the rules and regulations or the slides or photographs submitted, the artist/exhibitors would be required to leave the Festival. Judgment of the Committee in this matter will be final, and no refunds will be given.


  • Tent location assignment (all locations are assigned at the Festival’s discretion).
  • One 110 electrical outlet per tent.  Each outlet will pull a maximum of four (4) 100-watt spots.  NO MORE than four (4) 100-watt spots are allowed.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Vendors will be required to lower wattage if not in compliance.
  • Volunteer booth sitters, if available, may be requested during specified Festival hours.
  • All booth locations are accessible by vehicles for set-up/tear down.
  • Exhibitor parking.
  • 24-hour security.


  • Display equipment for setup of exhibit tents.
  • Tables or chairs.
  • Electrical equipment (including drop cords, light bulbs, fixtures, etc.)