Nancy Felder

Nancy Felder

Sweet Girl Cookies, Charlotte, NC

Alec & Nancy Felder

Sweet Girl Cookies started with a love of baking, a great chocolate chip cookie recipe and commitment to quality. Our thick and cakey cookies are made using premium ingredients including King Arthur flour, Ghirardelli and Valrhona chocolate, real butter, and pure vanilla. What you won’t find in our cookies are any artificial ingredients or preservatives, ever!

Our family-owned business started in 2014 when Alec decided he was not a fan of retirement, Nancy had a great recipe and both of us loved baking. We affectionately called our then 11-year-old daughter Zoe “sweet girl”. We couldn’t think of a better name for our business. With the addition of our outstanding production team, we’ve expanded and developed a nationwide following.

We don’t make our cookies the easy way. But we hope you’ll agree that we make them the best possible way. Every cookie is made the same way: from scratch, by hand, with love. And treated with the same love and attention as if it were going to our own family.