Patricia Boyer

Patricia Boyer

The Pat’s Arts
Charlotte, NC

The past four years have afforded Tricia the opportunities to paint and present her art to a wide variety of the Charlotte community. Tricia displays her art around Charlotte at venues including solo exhibitions at the Festival in the Park, Kings Drive Art Walk, Metropolitan Take Over, Fosters Frame and Gallery, Whitewater Diamond and South End Gallery Crawl as well as Kay & Kays Event Suites, Sycamore Brewery, Coffey and Thompson Art Gallery for her solo exhibitions.

She has won several awards for her artwork and has been featured on the ‘Let’s Talk Art With Brooke’ podcast on many occasions, ‘Chat and Spin Radio’ with Ian Johnson in the UK with over 2,000 listeners, and ‘Living the Dream’ The 2.0 Grandma interview with Marsha McLean, which has set her among the top artists in the Charlotte area. She has participated in a ‘Voice of America’ Arts & Culture Magazine interview with Salim whereas local artists discussed the art scene as it emerges during the pandemic.

Tricia’s art is collected by individuals as well as corporate collections. Tricia continues to give her paintings to children and others who love and are touched by her works.

The opportunities that Tricia has continually been given to display and demonstrate her original paintings at the Festival in the Parks event have been an excellent addition to those events. She is grateful for the continued support of the venues throughout her career.