Sabrina Cali

Sabrina Cali

Sabrina Cali, Elemental Choice
Raleigh, NC

Elemental Choice was established by Sabrina Cali in Raleigh, NC in 2021 focusing on intricate patterns created by hand in pen and ink.

Scientifically, the natural world is built of shapes and patterns on both micro and macro levels. Spiritually, many cultures over time have translated their beliefs through symbolism and story telling. Cali creates intricate patterns that reflect a birds eye view of life’s tangible twists and turns, relationships, choices, layered with the intangible elements that affect who we are and how we interact with the world around us. The patterns are then encapsulated in themes of animals, nature, and ancient lure to demonstrate our interconnection to each other through the natural elements.

Cali graduated from the Art Institute of California – San Francisco with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Fashion Design.

Elemental Choice was originally established in Long Beach, California in 2008, creating small run production of original watercolor illustrations. After moving to North Carolina in 2016, Cali worked locally, managing custom garment production and outsourcing for the Triangle Community. After the social shift of 2020, Elemental Choice was relaunched in 2021 to focus on Illustration, Mural Painting, and Textile Design.

Elemental Choice travels year round and can be found at Art Markets and Festivals up and down the East Coast from Maryland to Georgia.