Carol Kaminski

Carol Kaminski

Resinate Art, Greensboro, NC

Pigmented resin is a medium very few artists use, but it was something artist Carol Kaminski was drawn to. Although she has a BFA, Carol is primarily self-taught in the art of painting. She started working in pastels early on, but also dabbled in acrylics and gouache. Then she switched mediums and had been working in oils for many years, painting representational landscapes and participating in en plein air competitions. She was looking for a way to paint faster and looser when she stumbled on resin.

Resin art is a contemporary medium where pigments are mixed into resin, then poured and manipulated on a substrate. Some artists and photographers pour clear resin over their works to give them that glass-like finish, but Carol actually paints with it. She was drawn to it when she saw a piece in a gallery in Roanoke, VA and hadn’t seen anything like it before. “It just drew me in; I had to find out what it was. The fact that you can complete a work in about three hours was a big draw for me. However, the resin starts curing and hardening within 20 – 45 minutes, so it’s not an easy process. You have to paint fast, but what amazes people the most is that my works are all created without the use of a brush.”

Carol is represented in NC by Ambleside Gallery in Greensboro and Eye Candy Gallery & Framing in Southern Pines.