Doris Eskridge

Doris Eskridge

Window Glassware Designs by Doris, Winston-Salem, NC

A resident of Winston Salem for the past 31 years, Doris Eskridge works as a registered medical assistant for a local orthopedic surgeon. Doris, in her spare time, frequents antique shops with Dan, her husband of 38 years, searching for unique and beautiful glassware pieces which she collects. When her youngest daughter requested to use the family home as an outdoor venue for her wedding, Doris created a personal and unique gift for the special occasion. She decided to use a vintage window, carefully placing family heirloom Depression glass and crystal in a blue and white arrangement on it as a gift for her daughter. She displayed the window over her deck to represent the brides…“something blue.” The guests marveled at the artistic gift and requested their own.

Doris’s one-off gift generated a demand, which became a hobby, and she now gladly shares her passion with anyone and everyone wishing to repurpose family heirlooms out of their china cabinets into a beautiful, ornate display that can be placed anywhere one can imagine. Her clients have placed their works over the fireplace mantle, over the couch, hanging from tree limbs in the garden and from their patios.

Doris has begun visiting craft shows and festivals to share her passion with others and has been part of the community of vendors at shows such as The NC Oyster Festival in Wilmington, The Brushy Mountain Apple Festival in Wilkesboro, Southern Charm at the Farm in Tanglewood Park, and will be attending new festival locations in the coming months.

Each window is individually designed and constructed with Antique glass and crystal that have been collected over several years. She emphasizes each with decorative glass beads or stones to bring her own personal touch to the craft.

Her greatest reward is seeing smiles on the faces of recipients when presented with family heirloom glass personalized to accent their home décor on the vintage window. Just knowing someone loves the glass dishes and appreciates them as much as she does, is priceless. Just as handmade quilts and ornaments are passed through families from generation to generation, this unique strategy can be used to pass cherished glass on in a creative way.

Doris prepares windows for each show to be sent home as gifts or as decoration for your own home. She stands by her art and will decorate windows with personalized requests including dishes or color scheme.