Karen Earnhardt

Karen Earnhardt

Flower Floozy Designs, Charlotte, NC

My artistic journey/obsession with mosaics began 4 years ago when a friend brought me all of her supplies and equipment for creating mosaics. She did not enjoy it but decided that she thought I would. I took a class and she was right. I love making mosaics because you can use anything to create a mosaic. I use a lot of stained glass in my work but unlike traditional stained glass, you do not need to follow a pattern and almost anything can be used in it. I use a lot of beads, shells, rocks, stained glass, recycled glass tiles, gourds, and all manner of found and recycled items to make my artistic pieces.

Most of my art is inspired by nature. I focus on birds, animals, flowers, and other natural creations. For me, mosaics are a perfect stress relief. I can focus on the mosaics and block out any negative things that have happened during the day.

When I am creating I get a feeling of great peace. I teach mosaics for this reason to help others to experience the calming and peace that you receive when involved in creating.