Melissa Wineman

Melissa Wineman

Mo’s Art, Charlotte, NC

Melissa Wineman, also known as “Mo” or “owlymo” has been in the art scene in Charlotte and surrounding areas since 2012. Her artwork ranges from fun whimsical illustrations, wall art/murals, pet and family portraits to abstract and fun “creature wildflowers” and mystical creatures. She went full time in 2018 and has been creating and posting up all over the Charlotte and surrounding areas. Some of her murals you might have seen are :
“Wildflowers on 12th” 301 ft retaining wall on 10&12th st all wildflowers and bugs native to NC

Sals Pizza Factory both locations Monroe rd (outside wall) and park rd (inside two walls)
Goodwurst on Monroe rd “what a long strange trip it’s been”
Grateful Dead bears,dancing cookies and wurst dogs Jeans apothecare on Monroe rd all
Harry Potter and whimsical tea time themed as well as clover border and logo signage
Big blue octopus at traust brewing mt holly
Two scoops creamery rock hill ice cream landscape mural
More murals on her socials and more coming soon!

You can see her creations on a daily by following her social media links @owlymo (both fb and instagram) or get linked to everything by visiting her website

Fb- @owlymo
Instagram- @owlymo