Michelle Gillett

Michelle Gillett

Pens with a Purpose, Scaly Mtn., NC

Combining their passion for woodworking and their desire to “Do Something That Matters”, Darren and Michelle Gillett created “Pens With A Purpose” (“PWAP”), a company that produces hand-crafted pens & pencils, key chains, letter openers, etc. In January 2017, PWAP became a business partner with SERV International, a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in Canton, Georgia (“SERV” – www.servone.org).

Over the last 18 years, SERV and its business partners have provided over 22 million meals as well as clean water by digging wells and distribution of water filtration systems throughout Eastern Africa, Cambodia, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic as well as Mississippi, Texas and other areas of the Gulf Coast following natural disasters, like hurricanes and flooding.

A percentage of every pen sold by PWAP goes to provide food globally through SERV projects. As of August 2020, since partnering with SERV in 2017, Pens With A Purpose has provided over 136,000 meals from the sale of pens.