Tina & Lisa Spencer

Tina & Lisa Spencer

InSpiral Studios, Cornelius, NC

Created by two sisters, InSpiral Studios offers one-of-a kind jewelry pieces using natural stones, hand crafted ceramic & glass. Techniques include metalsmithing, chasing & repoussé, wire weave & bead embroidery. Each piece is uniquely inspired to create harmony between the stone and the design, accentuating the stones natural beauty and character.

In the metal work designs, you will see a signature spiral motif surrounding the stone. One of the oldest sacred symbols, the spiral reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution and is seen throughout our natural world in plants, minerals, energy patterns, and the cosmos.

All of our pieces are hand-made with great attention to detail and craftsmanship. We are grateful to share our passion together and love to create new and exciting designs that we hope you enjoy!